Terms & Conditions

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At Auriana we maintain a high standard of work. All our staff have many years’ experience in their profession. We only use quality professional products and follow a strict code of practice. We always arrive at your event venue fully equipped and ready to perform to the best of our abilities with a polite and friendly manor. All Staff are fully insured with public liability and hold a DBS check.

  1. Bookings

    1. All bookings will require a booking form to be completed and a one off non-refundable deposit to secure the booking and date.
    2. Make sure that all details on the booking form are completed and correct. If there is any missing or incorrect information, this can affect the artist or entertainer from attending your event.
    3. All bookings will be confirmed in writing and a confirmation email will be sent out.
  2. Deposit

    1. A booking form must be completed and a non-refundable deposit paid to secure your booking.
    2. Deposits are non- refundable. If you wish to cancel your booking, the deposit can be used towards another one of our services within one year of the deposit being paid. Please see section 4.2 for cancelation fees
  3. Payments

    1. We accept the following methods of payment. Cheque, Bank transfer, PayPal and Cash. If paying by cheque, please write your name, surname and date of your event on the back of the cheque. Please add the same information as reference to bank transfers and PayPal.
    2. Allow adequate time for your cheque and bank transfers to clear before the event date.
    3. If not already paid, full Payment is due at the start of any event in cash. The Artist may have another booking to attend straight after your one so will have to leave promptly. If we do not have another booking straight after and you wish to keep the artist there longer then you will be invoiced for the remainder of the artist time. Please text 07982 656 044 with the quantity of extra hours you wish to keep the artist for, so an invoice can be sent to you.
    4. All outstanding money must be paid within 7 days of you receiving the invoice.
    5. Any none payments and fees owed within 30 days after the date of the event will result in legal action to recover the amount.
  4. Cancelations

    1. We will be holding your date exclusively for you and as a result will be turning away any other work. Cancelations must be made in writing or by email. We will not accept telephone cancelations.
    2. If you cancel your booking 14 days before the event 50% of the total fee will still be due. If you cancel 7 days before the event then 75% of the total fee will still be due. If you cancel within 24 hours of the event, then 100% of the total fee will be due.
    3. Any cancelation will incur charges as above, unless both parties mutually agree to cancel the booking (written evidence must be provided of the cancelation by both parties).
    4. Force Majeure. We shall not be liable for any failure to perform where such failure is a result of Acts of nature (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane excessive snow or other natural disasters), war, terrorist activities, death, illness or other incapacity certified by a properly qualified medical practitioner, epidemic, accident, civil commotion, order of government or local authority making jurisdiction in the matter or changes in law.
    5. If we must cancel your booking, we will try our best to provide you with an alternative Artist/Entertainer, or a full refund will be due if reason for cancelation do not refer to section
    6. Please note that to date we have never had to cancel an appointment.
  5. Before the Party

    1. All face painters require a well-lit sheltered area to set up. If you require us to work outside we require to be under cover if there is either a chance of rain or excessive sunlight. If you do not have a shelter for the artist to work outside, then we can provide a gazebo at a small fee. We will need to know this in advance.
    2. If the artist is not bringing their own table and chairs, then two chairs (preferably high back) and a table must be supplied. Some of our painters do not require worktops, but will need an area of at least 1 square meter to set up their kit. In other cases, we will require an even work surface and two chairs. These will be discussed in the confirmation email.
    3. All entertainers will require a table and a space of at least 6 meter squared (see section 10 for more details) and access to electrical sockets.
    4. We generally arrive 15 minutes (face Painters/Balloon Modellers) 30/45 (Entertainers) Prior to the booked time, to get all their equipment set up.
  6. Responsibility & Conduct

    1. You must ensure that the venue can provide a safe source of power and an area that is safe to perform in.
    2. Make sure that the venue also possesses the appropriate licenses and have no noise limiters.
    3. As most of our booking are two hours minimum, please make sure that our artists an entertainer are provided with adequate refreshments thought their performance. The minimum that should be provided is free supply of drinking water.
    4. You shall be responsible for the conduct and behaviour of all your guests. Artists and entertainers will terminate their performance if they must deal with violent, aggressive, threatening or abusive behaviour.
    5. You shall provide adequate supervision of your guests including children and will be liable for any loss or damage to the artists or entertainer’s equipment or personnel belonging caused by attending guests. If there is any damage caused to property, you will be informed as soon as the damage occurs.
    6. There should be adequate supervision of minors, preferably one adult per 15 children. At least one Adult should be present with the artist. Children should not be left alone in case of emergencies.
  7. Our Responsibility

    1. The artist /Entertainer will perform to their highest standard and in a professional manner.
    2. They will provide their own public liability insurance an any other necessary documentations.
    3. They will provide all necessary equipment and products to achieve their job role.
    4. Products - Auriana only uses the highest quality professional paints and products which are compliant by the EU and USA FDA for their specialist use. They are safe, non-toxic, antibacterial and hypo-allergenic. The paints are water-based and will wash off with gentle soap & water. Most our paints are suitable for vegans. Please enquire with your artist.
  8. Health, Safety & Security

    1. Please ensure that there are free parking facilities at the venue for all our artists and entertainers. We require the parking spaces to preferably be within 5 meters of the doors. If there is no free parking available then the client is liable for any parking charges that may be incurred.
    2. If there is a delay in performances starting due to the Lack of parking or inability to gain access to the building then we will not be liable for lost time and no refunds will be given.
    3. We must be informed if the venue has stairs or steps to climb or if there are elevators etc to get to the venue hall.
  9. Parking & Venue

    1. Please ensure that there are free parking facilities at the venue for all our artists and entertainers. We require the parking spaces to preferably be within 5 meters of the doors. If there is no free parking available then the client is liable for any parking charges that may be incurred.
    2. If there is a delay in performances starting due to the Lack of parking or inability to gain access to the building then we will not be liable for lost time and no refunds will be given.
    3. We must be informed if the venue has stairs or steps to climb or if there are elevators etc to get to the venue hall.
  10. Space

    The ideal space that your entertainer will need to entertain is 6 meters to allow children to move around freely an enjoy the entertainment. Every 4 children will require aprox another meter of space.

  11. During the party

    We reserve the right to leave an event with no refund if we are working under extreme conditions that have been brought to the attention of the party organiser.

    This includes, but is not limited to; violence, extreme inappropriate behaviour of either a child, pet or adult, illegal activities or otherwise dangerous conditions.

  12. Face Painting

    1. Permission

      It is the responsibility of the party organiser to ensure that all parents/guardians of the child attending the party be informed a face painter will be there. It is best to add a permission on the invitations. If a child is not to be painted for any reason, please inform the face-painter and do not rely on the child to do so.

    2. Speed and Efficiency

      1. To make the most of your booking please ensure that someone wanting painting is always in our chair. We will not have time to round up people to be painted. We only require up to 2 in a queue at any one time.
      2. We will have a queue system with us to help get through everyone as quick and fuss free as possible. We try to stick to the list as close as possible, but as some children wander off etc. it is easier if an adult is helping with the system.
      3. Please note that any elaborate or intricate designs will take longer.
    3. Quality and Speed

      8-15 faces can be painted per hour. If number of guests exceeds the amount of time, some children may not be painted. We will try to accommodate a busy party, but we will not compromise our designs. If all faces are painted in the allotted time and time remains, then the face-painter can add glitters, and re-touches.

    4. Extra Time

      If you require the face-painter to stay beyond the agreed time slot, then this can sometimes be arranged. However, please note that this will be charged at a different rate per half hour and may not always be possible due to other bookings. Further details are available on our website.

    5. Supervision

      For safety reasons we ask that children are not permitted to play in the work area. Children’s safety and behaviour are the responsibility of the organiser or the parents attending the event.

    6. General rules

      1. The Painters kit is their livelihood and very expensive. We have a very strict ‘No Touching’ rule. If any of the kit gets contaminated or damaged then payment will be required to cover the cost.
      2. We will not paint anyone who is offensive or abusive. We will not paint anything that we deem offensive.
      3. We will not paint any children under the age of 2
      4. We will not paint anyone who suffers from the following conditions –
        • A runny nose
        • Cuts and open wounds
        • Chicken pox
        • Cold sores
        • Conjunctivitis
        • Impetigo
        • Ring worm
        • Eczema
        • Lice
        • Any allergies to our ingredients
      5. We will not paint any one against their will, or anyone who is crying or sleeping
      6. Do not leave children unattended whilst they are being painted
      7. Once the artist has packed away all their products and equipment they will not be able to re-set up again.
  13. Entertainment

    1. Entertainers will need sufficient floor space to allow for audio and lighting equipment to be assembled.
    2. There should be adequate time at the venue for the artists /entertainers to set up before their performance starts. We should also require enough time to break down the set up and pack items away.
    3. Entertainers can refuse to continue with the entertainment if there is not adequate floor space.
    4. If bubble/ snow machines are used at the event please be aware that the floor may become slippery. Please ensure that you have the right tools to help clear this up.
    5. Entertainers will require access to electricity. If you are running any cables/extension leads for outside use, please ensure the cables are running along completely dry ground and are not in contact with any wet or damp surfaces.
    6. There must always be at least two Adults present at a children’s party. Our entertainers cannot be held responsible in the case of an emergency or if any children need to use the toilet facilities.
    7. All our entertainers will prefer that food is not consumed during their performances as this can distract the children form any entertainment.
  14. Other Entertainments

    1. Bouncy Castles are a distraction when there is an Entertainer present. For you to benefit from the full entertainment experience, please remove all other distractions.
  15. Balloon modelling and decorations

    1. Please note that heat and cold can affect the float lifespan of your balloons.
    2. We usually set up all small balloons and structures on arrival to allow for maximum float time.
    3. We will set up balloons in positions to cause the least disruption and in accordance with health and safety rules.
    4. Once all balloons are set up they must not be moved or disrupted as this can cause damage to the structures or to the balloons themselves. Auriana will not be held responsible for any balloons or structures that are damaged due tampering.
    5. When all balloons are put in place they must be accepted and signed for.
  16. Balloon Safety

    1. Fully inflated balloons do not present an immediate hazard to young children, however once a balloon bursts the pieces can be extremely dangerous.
    2. Uninflated or broken balloons can cause choking or suffocation especially with children under the age of 8. Adult supervision is required and all uninflated balloons must be kept away from children.
    3. Broken Balloons and pieces must be discarded immediately.
    4. To protect the environment please do not release any balloons outside as foil and sting can cause many environmental and physical damage.
    5. Balloon valves are inserted into the neck of latex balloons to create a seal without tying a knot. However, being small and made of plastic, they can present a choking hazard. If a balloon bursts do not allow children to play with the balloon pieces fitted with a valve. Immediately and responsibly dispose of them.
    6. Balloons that come on a stick come in two pieces; the stick and a cup, which the balloon attaches to. The cup piece is quite small and can present a choking hazard.
    7. Allergies - Latex is a natural substance, but like many other things can cause allergic reactions ranging from minor skin irritation to anaphylaxis in a very small percentage of people.
    8. We must be informed before your event if anyone has a latex allergy as there are many none latex alternatives that we can provide such as foil balloons and plastic bubble balloons.
  17. Catering

    1. All our staff that deal with food or preparation hold a food Hygiene certificate.
    2. We aim to cater for people with allergies, intolerances or any special dietary requirements.
    3. If Auriana is providing any food services we need to be informed of all allergy information as soon as possible before the party.
    4. Bespoke menus can be created on request.
    5. All catering services must be paid in full at least two weeks before your event.
    6. Any food or drinks ordered will be delivered to the venue that you have hired at the time agreed.
  18. Party Extras

  19. General Information

    1. Anything with an Auriana logo sticker on remains the property of Auriana.
    2. Any broken or missing items due to party guest, will be charged to you.
    3. We do not clear up after an event and this is not included in any prices.
    4. There must always be at least two Adults present at a children’s party.
    5. As all our services are unique to each customer, Images and website content may differ slightly to what you may receive.
  20. Complaints

    1. In the event of any disputes or complaint, the issue must be put in writing and within 28 days. We will then thoroughly consider this matter and reach a satisfactory outcome. In the case that that the issue cannot be resolved then legal advice should be sought.
    2. If you are unhappy with any part of our services, this must be discussed at the end of the party with your entertainer/Artist. Please fill in our feedback forms adding dates, times and as much information as you can to help us resolve your issues. All forms will be passed to the managing director and any refunds will only be honoured after your event once an investigation has taken place. All communications will be dealt with via email. Full payment must still be given at the end of the party.
  21. Photographs

    Auriana Face Painting and Parties does not take photographs without the consent of a person, parent or guardian. We may ask for consent to take a photograph once you/your child is painted, during a performance or throughout an event for use in advertising (including, but not limited to, cards, press releases, flyers, website etc.). A complimentary copy can be emailed to the parent/guardian upon request. You are under no obligation to give consent.