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Welcome to the heart of our creative team! It all began with one visionary artist, Stacey, who embarked on a journey to bring her artistic dreams to life. Over time, our team has evolved, drawing in a diverse group of immensely talented individuals who share a passion for innovation and creativity. Together, we have transformed our humble beginnings into a thriving community of artists and collaborators, united by the shared goal of pushing the boundaries of creativity and promoting a vibrant and dynamic artistic ecosystem. Meet the incredible individuals who make up our team and explore the stories and talents that drive our collective vision.

At the heart of our collective journey lies the story of a singular artist, whose determination transformed her love for art and entertainment into a thriving career. With countless hours dedicated to honing her craft and a deep dive into the intricacies of safety in the realm of face painting, her dedication laid the foundation for what we now know as "Auriana."

Years of networking, dedication, and a commitment to excellence have expanded Stacey's vision. Auriana evolved into a diverse hub of entertainment, offering a wide array of delightful services. Today, our offerings extend far beyond face painting, encompassing everything from the art of balloon modelling to the enchanting talents of our performers who bring joy to an extensive range of events.

Meet the main Team 

Stacey - Owner, Face/ Body Painter, Glitter Tattoos

Chloe -  Face/body painter, Glitter Tattoos and Glitter Queen (Festival Glitter) 

Tina -  Balloon twister and modeler

Claire - DJ, Disco, Karaoke, Dance Party, Singer and Entertainer 

Will - Entertainer and character Appearance