Karaoke, DJ and Discos

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Karaoke and Discos can create a superb atmosphere to any event or party, enhanced by bright neon lights and bubbles. Our DJ holds over 10’000 songs that cover all genres and decades. These songs appeal to all ages whether your 8 or 80, we have the song for you!

Our high-quality equipment gives us the brilliant sound quality we all need to reach those high notes! Not only do we offer lyrics on screen, but we have multiple microphones so why not grab a friend or family member to join you in your moment of fame?

During the Karaoke / Disco, we play a variation of songs, but if you’ve got a song you just can’t get out of your head then why not tell us so we can help you sing it out loud? If you or one of your guests have multiple favourite songs, be sure to write us a list beforehand so we can play them during your event.

Book our DJ now! She’s very popular!

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