Adventure Parties

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Auriana invites you to join Captain Blue Cherry in her Fantastic Sea Adventure.

Before the party, every child will receive their pirate themed invitation and the special VIP will receive a treasure map and an invitation to bring their friends to help Captain Blue Cherry to go on an adventure and find the lost buried treasure.

In our two-hour energy packed adventure, you will learn to become a pirate whilst going on a mission to discover Captain Boot Leg’s lost buried treasure… ‘Ahoy Captain’! Why not add to the spirit and dress up as your favourite pirate! 

Captain Blue Cherry will lead the treasure hunt. Not only will you walk the plank, battle sea creatures, sing some songs before setting sail, but also dance and play many pirate themed games. At the end everyone will receive their new pirate certificate and share the booty found.

With over 10 pirate themed games such as Cannon Pop, Captains Coming, Twittering Pirates and more, your little pirates will be thoroughly entertained throughout the duration of the party.

Come on down and book Captain Blue Cherry now! She’s eager to gather a crew and find the Treasure!

* Other themes also available, each with their very own special story.